Arunachal Pradesh Question Answer

Q46. The Diphu Pass is located in which district of Arunachal Pradesh
(A) Anjaw district
(B) Lohit district
(C) Changlang district
(D) Longding district

Q47. North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST) was established on the year
(A) 1980
(B) 1982
(C) 1984
(D) 1986

Q48. The Golden Pagoda is located in which district
(A) Lohit District
(B) Namsai District
(C) Upper Siang District
(D) Longding District

Q49. Which one is the only district whose boundary touches Nagaland
(A) Anjaw district
(B) Namsai District
(C) Upper Siang District
(D) Longding District

Q50. The first elections to the Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly were held in on
(A) 25th February 1978
(B) 28th February 1978
(C) 4th March 1978
(D) 15th March 1978

Q51. Who is the first person from Arunachal to received Padma Shri Award
(A) Mamang Dai
(B) Binny Yanga
(C) Mohan Singh Gunjyal
(D) Lama Thupten Phuntsok

Q52. How many person received Padma Shri award till 2021
(A) 7
(B) 8
(C) 9
(D) 10

Q53. Who becomes the first woman in the world to scale the summit of Mount Everest twice in a season
(A) Tagit Sorang
(B) Tashi Yangjom
(C) Abraham Tagit Sorang
(D) Anshu Jamsenpa

Q54. The National Institute of Technology, Arunachal Pradesh was established in the year
(A) 2009
(B) 2010
(C) 2011
(D) 2012

Q55. Who is the first person from Arunachal Pradesh to scale Everest
(A) Tapi Mra
(B) Tine Mena
(C) Tashi Yangjom
(D) Anshu Jamsenpa

Q56. Which Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister was also appointed as Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry
(A) Jarbom Gamlin
(B) Dorjee Khandu
(C) Mukut Mithi
(D) Gegong Apang

Q57. Who is also known as the father of Donyi-Polo
(A) Talom Gamlin
(B) Talom Rukbo
(C) Talom Mithi
(D) Talom Apang

Q58. The ancient archaeological site Gomsi is locatedin which district
(A) West Kameng District
(B) Dibang Valley District
(C) East Kameng District
(D) East Siang District

Q59. The Ita Fort at Arunachal Pradesh was built by the
(A) Chutia Kings
(B) Ahom Kings
(C) Koch Kings
(D) Kachari Kings

Q60. When the train service first started in Arunachal Pradesh
(A) 2012
(B) 2013
(C) 2014
(D) 2015

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