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Q136. Tungkhungia Buranji is written by
(A) Golap Chandra Barua
(B) Kasinath Tamuli Phukan
(C) Hemchandra Goswami
(D) Srinath Duara ‎Barbarua

Q137. Name the Ahom king who married the Koch princess Mangola Devi
(A) Udayaditya Singha
(B) Chakradhwaj Singha
(C) Jayadhwaj Singha
(D) Pratap Singha

Q138. When was Lachit Borphukan was born
(A) 1618
(B) 1622
(C) 1626
(D) 1628

Q139. Which Treaty marks the end of Mir Jumla's occupation of the Ahom capital, Garhgaon
(A) Treaty of Guwahati
(B) Treaty of Garhgaon
(C) Treaty of Sadiya
(D) Treaty of Ghilajharighat

Q140. Which Burhagohain himself rejected the offer of becoming Ahom King on two occasions
(A) Laluk Sola Buragohain
(B) Atan Buragohain
(C) Ruchinath Burhagohain
(D) Ghanashyam Burhagohain

Q141. Who was the second in leadership next to Lachit Barphukan during the battle of Saraighat
(A) Sukulahuda Burhagohain
(B) Sengmun Burhagohain
(C) Ruchinath Burhagohain
(D) Atan Buragohain

Q142. The Gohain Kamal Ali which was constructed during Nara Narayan, connects Coochbehar to
(A) North Lakhimpur
(B) Jorhat
(C) Udalguri
(D) Dibrugarh

Q143. In which year, Koch king Nara Narayan died
(A) 1581
(B) 1584
(C) 1587
(D) 1589

Q144. In which year, Chilarai managed to occupy the capital of Ahom, Garhgaon
(A) 1558
(B) 1561
(C) 1562
(D) 1563

Q145. The average gradient of the Brahmaputra plain is
(A) 14 cm per km
(B) 16 cm per km
(C) 17 cm per km
(D) 19 cm per km

Q146. The total length of the Brahmaputra river is
(A) 2856 km
(B) 2892 km
(C) 2900 Km
(D) 2953 km

Q147. The total length of the Brahmaputra river in India is
(A) 916 km
(B) 925 km
(C) 936 Km
(D) 968 km

Q148. When Petroleum was first discovered in Assam
(A) 1885
(B) 1889
(C) 1896
(D) 1901

Q149. The Bogibeel Bridge connects the Dhemaji district with which one district
(A) Tinsukia
(B) Jorhat
(C) Lakhimpur
(D) Dibrugarh

Q150. What is the total length of the Bogibeel Bridge
(A) 4.9 km
(B) 5.2 km
(C) 5.3 km
(D) 5.7 km

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