Assam GK Questions 2020

Collection of questions and solved exam papers from different exams like Assam PSC, Panchayat, APDCL, PNRD etc. Helps in preparation of exams.

Q136. On 12 January 2021, which one has been formally declared as a new district of Assam
(A) Gohpur
(B) Bajali
(C) Bilasipara
(D) Nazira

Q137. As per bird census 2021, how many bird species are found in Kaziranga National Park
(A) 78
(B) 95
(C) 101
(D) 112

Q138. The proposed India's longest river bridge from Phulbari (Meghalaya) will connect which district of Assam directly
(A) Goalpara
(B) Dhubri
(C) Mankachar
(D) Kokrajhar

Q139. A team of scientists lead by Binoy Kumar Saikia and Tonkeswar from Assam developed ______ to detect cancer cell
(A) Biomedical "dot" from coal
(B) Biomedical "dot" from starch
(C) Biomedical "dot" from potato
(D) Biomedical "dot" from Ni

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