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Collection of questions and solved exam papers from different exams like Assam PSC, Panchayat, APDCL, PNRD etc. Helps in preparation of exams.

Q16. Which Ahom king ordered the execution of Hari Bhuyan, son-in law of Sankardeva
(A) Suklenmung
(B) Sutingphaa
(C) Suremphaa
(D) Sudangphaa

Q17. Under which treaty of 1563, Ahom kingdom accept the Koch overlordship
(A) Treaty of Guwahati
(B) Treaty of Kamatapur
(C) Treaty of Majuli
(D) Treaty of Charaideo

Q18. Who ruled for the longest period of 49 years as Ahom King
(A) Sukaphaa
(B) Sudangphaa
(C) Susenphaa
(D) Sujinphaa

Q19. Hima Das is also known by the nickname
(A) Kolong Express
(B) Dhing Express
(C) Nagaon Express
(D) Kamakhya Express

Q20. Total number of oil refineries in Assam is
(A) 3
(B) 4
(C) 5
(D) 6

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