Assam GK Questions 2020

Collection of questions and solved exam papers from different exams like Assam PSC, Panchayat, APDCL, PNRD etc. Helps in preparation of exams.

Q91. The wetland "Son beel" is located in which district
(A) Dhubri
(B) Goalpara
(C) Cachar
(D) Karimganj

Q92. On 1st October 2020, Indian Coast Guard (ICG) commissioned a fast patrol vessel (FPV) in Kolkata after the name of
(A) Maniram Dewan
(B) Kanaklata Barua
(C) Kushal Konwar
(D) Lachit Borphukan

Q93. Who was appointed as the first Assam Police Chief on October 1 in 1951
(A) KR Choudhary
(B) B.M. Rajkhowa
(C) Raj Mohan Ray
(D) Subashini Sankaran

Q94. In which year, High Court of Assam and Nagaland, was renamed as Gauhati High Court
(A) 1968
(B) 1971
(C) 1974
(D) 1977

Q95. When the All India Congress Committee session was hosted in Guwahati
(A) 1921
(B) 1924
(C) 1926
(D) 1929

Q96. Who becomes the first Assamese woman to be Wing Commander of Indian Air Force
(A) Jotshna Barua
(B) Bornali Gogoi
(C) Sewali Deka
(D) Purabi Mahanta

Q97. The Kumar Bhaskar Natya Mandir was established in the year
(A) 1912
(B) 1926
(C) 1936
(D) 1942

Q98. Which district of Assam has received the National Water Award 2019 for Best District, Water Conservation, and Management Category
(A) Darrang
(B) Barpeta
(C) Goalpara
(D) Golaghat

Q99. The Sainik School Goalpara, Assam was founded in the year
(A) 1961
(B) 1964
(C) 1968
(D) 1976

Q100. Every year, Bir Chilarai Divas is celebrated on
(A) 9th February
(B) 25th February
(C) 11th April
(D) 30th April

Q101. The Rupsi Airport is loacted in which district
(A) Dhubri
(B) Goalpara
(C) Jorhat
(D) Cachar

Q102. Which one hospital of Guwahati opens the first human milk bank in the northeast
(A) Pratiksha Hospitals
(B) Nemcare Super Speciality Hospital
(C) Satribari Christian Hospital
(D) Marwari Maternity Hospital

Q103. Which one dance or nritya was developed by Narahari Burha Bbakat
(A) Ojapali
(B) Bhortal Nritya
(C) Jhumura Nach
(D) Sattriya Dance

Q104. Which Assamese poet is also popularly known by name "Agnikobi"
(A) Pabitra Kumar Deka
(B) Ganesh Chandra Gogoi
(C) Mahendranath Deka Phukan
(D) Kamalakanta Bhattacharya

Q105. Which one Satra is famous for mask crafting
(A) Auniati Satra
(B) Dakhinpat Satra
(C) Shamaguri Satra
(D) Kamalabari Satra

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