Best Express Meaning

In the following questions, choose the best expresses the meaning of the Idoms\Phrase given in underline letters

Q1. When it comes to dancing, she is all-thumbs
(A) Expert
(B) Beginer
(C) Clumsy
(D) Trainer

Q2. The relationship between the two friends is in Dutch after the incident
(A) in trouble
(B) closer
(C) happier
(D) closed

Q3. He knows how to break in horses
(A) train
(B) force
(C) tend
(D) rear

Q4. The house gave away under heavy rain
(A) endured
(B) withstood
(C) collapsed
(D) stooped

Q5. Everybody thought Asha and Ashok were a happy couple, but it was all just make believe
(A) hatred
(B) treachery
(C) pretence
(D) reality

Q6. The winning team decided to go for the jugular in the last quarter of the match
(A) forfeit the match
(B) give easy opportunities to opposite team
(C) attack all out
(D) give reserve players a chance

Q7. I am going to stay at home because I am feeling under the weather today
(A) sick
(B) irritated
(C) unhappy
(D) depressed

Q8. He and his neighbor are always at loggerheads
(A) abusing each other
(B) disagreeing at everything
(C) aloof from each other
(D) agree on everything

Q9. Even in the middle of the fire he kept a level head
(A) was self centered
(B) was sensible
(C) was crazy
(D) was impulsive

Q10. Unless you make amends for the loss, nobody is prepare to excuse you
(A) improve
(B) pay debt
(C) confess
(D) compensate

Q11. Instead of keeping his promise of helping me with office work, he just left me high and dry
(A) left me feeling like a fool
(B) left me in a state of anger
(C) left me without a drop of water
(D) left me alone to do the work

Q12. Amit said to Rekha, "Don't make a mountain out of a molehill."
(A) attempt an impossible task
(B) start looking for molehills in mountain
(C) create problems
(D) exaggerate a minor problem

Q13. Before the report reached the authority, the media spilled the beans.
(A) droped the charges
(B) hinted at the consequences
(C) revealed the secret information
(D) spilled the content of the package

Q14. His friend turn out to be snake in the grass
(A) cowardly and brutal
(B) low and mean
(C) a hidden enemy
(D) an unreliable and deceitful person

Q15. Many politicians in India are not fit to hold a candle to Mahatma Gandhi
(A) superior
(B) equal
(C) inferior
(D) indifferent

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