Bharat Ratna Winner

Bharat Ratna is India's highest civilian award. The award was first awarded in the year 1954. The award consist of Sanad (certificate) signed by the President and a medallion. It is awarded in recognition of exceptional service/performance of the highest order in any field of human endeavor. The number of annual awards is restricted to a maximum of three in a particular year. It is also not mandatory that Bharat Ratna be awarded every year. Bharat Ratna recipients rank seventh in the Indian order of precedence.

Bharat Ratna Award
Name Birth-Death Awarded Remark
Chakravarti Rajgopalachari 1878-1972 1954 Last Governor-General and Independence activist
C. V. Raman 1888-1970 1954 Physicist, Nobel Prize Winner
Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan 1888-1975 1954 First Vice President and Philosopher
Bhagwan Das 1869-1958 1955 Indian Theosophist and Public figure
Mokshagundam Visvesvarayya 1861-1962 1955 Engineer, scholar and the Diwan of Mysore
Jawaharlal Nehru 1889-1964 1955 First Prime Minister, Independence activist and Author
Govind Ballabh Pant 1887-1961 1957 Indian politician and independence activist
Dhondo Keshav Karve 1858-1962 1958 Social reformer
Bidhan Chandra Roy 1882-1962 1961 Physician, Chief Minister of West Bengal
Purushottam Das Tandon 1882-1962 1961 Freedom fighter
Rajendra Prasad 1884-1963 1962 First President and Independence activist
Zakir Hussain 1897-1969 1963 Independence activist and Scholar
Pandurang Vaman Kane 1880-1972 1963 Indologist and Sanskrit scholar
Lal Bahadur Shastri 1904-1966 1966 Second Prime Minister, First Posthumously Given
Indira Gandhi 1917-1984 1971 Third Prime Minister
V. V. Giri 1894-1980 1975 Fourth President
K. Kamaraj 1903-1975 1976 Independence activist and Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu State
Mother Teresa 1910-1997 1980 Humanitarian and Nobel Peace Prize Winner
Vinoba Bhave 1895-1982 1983 Advocate of nonviolence and human rights
Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan 1890-1988 1987 Independence activist and First non-citizen to received award
M. G. Ramachandran 1917-1987 1988 Actor, director, producer, and politician, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu
B. R. Ambedkar 1891-1956 1990 First law minister and Principal architect of the Constitution of India
Nelson Mandela 1918-2013 1990 South African politician and President of South Africa
Rajiv Gandhi 1944-1991 1991 Sixth Prime Minister
Vallabhbhai Patel 1875-1950 1991 First Home Minister and Independence activist
Morarji Desai 1896-1995 1991 Fourth Prime Minister
Abul Kalam Azad 1888-1958 1992 First Minister of Education
J. R. D. Tata 1904-1993 1992 Business magnate
Satyajit Ray 1922-1992 1992 Filmmaker and Oscar Winner
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam 1931-2015 1997 Indian scientist
Gulzarilal Nanda 1898-1998 1997 Independence activist
Aruna Asaf Ali 1908-1996 1997 Independence activist
M. S. Subbulakshmi 1916-2004 1998 Carnatic vocalist
Chidambaram Subramaniam 1910-2000 1998 Minister of Agriculture
Jayaprakash Narayan 1902-1979 1999 Independence activist and political leader
Ravi Shankar 1920-2012 1999 Musician,composer and Sitar player
Amartya Sen 1933 1999 Economist and Nobel Prize Winner
Gopinath Bordoloi 1890-1950 1999 Independence activist, Chief Minister of Assam
Lata Mangeshkar 1929 2001 Playback singer
Bismillah Khan 1916-2006 2001 Hindustani classical shehnai player
Bhimsen Joshi 1922-2011 2008 Hindustani classical vocalist
C. N. R. Rao 1922-2011 2014 Scientist
Sachin Tendulkar 1973 2014 Cricketer
Atal Bihari Vajpayee 1924-2018 2015 Former Prime Minister
Pt. Madan Mohan Malaviya 1861-1946 2015 Educationist and Politician
Pranab Mukherjee 1935 2019 Former President
Bhupen Hazarika 1926-2011 2019 Playback singer, Lyricist, Musician
Nanaji Deshmukh 1916-2010 2019 Social Activist
Karpoori Thakur 1924-1988 2024 Former CM of Bihar
L. K. Advani 1927- 2024 Deputy PM of India
P. V. Narasimha Rao 1921-2004 2024 Former PM of India
Charan Singh 1902-1987 2024 Former PM of India
M. S. Swaminathan 1925-2023 2024 Agricultural scientist