C Language Questions

Q31. Which header file is used for dynamic memory allocation in C
(a) math.h
(b) stdio.h
(c) conio.h
(d) stdlib.h

Q32. A preprocessor directive is always preceded by a symbol
(a) *
(b) //
(c) #
(d) %

Q33. ______ return type cannot return any value to the caller
(a) int
(b) float
(c) void
(d) double

Q34. A pointer variable of type _______ cannot be dereferenced
(a) int*
(b) char*
(c) float*
(d) void*

Q35. Dynamic memory management functions are defined in ______ header file
(a) stdio.h
(b) stdlib.h
(c) conio.h
(d) stdallo.h

Q36. A class binds the ____ and its related _____ together
(a) data, function
(b) information, messages
(c) constants, variables
(d) class, objects

Q37. Break statement is most frequently used with in
(a) while
(b) it-else
(c) do-while
(d) switch-case

Q38. In C++ array subscript always starts with
(a) 0
(b) 1
(c) -1
(d) Any positive integer

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