Chemistry Exam - Question

Q151. An analytical technique in which the temperature difference between the sample and a non-reactive reference material is monitored is
(a) TGA
(b) DTG
(c) DSC
(d) DTA

Q152. A thermoflask used to carry hot drinks is an example of an/a
(a) Open system
(b) Closed system
(c) Isolated system
(d) Adiabatic system

Q153. A dislocation with Burgers vector that equals one lattice spacing is called ________ dislocation
(a) Unit
(b) Partial
(c) Imperfect
(d) Frank

Q154. Which of the following diatomic molecules is paramagnetic
(a) B2
(b) C2
(c) N2
(d) F2

Q155. The molecules P4 and CH4 exhibit the same
(a) Color
(b) Geometry
(c) Boiling point
(d) Physical state at 300 K

Q156. The most abundant transition metal ion in sea water and earth’s crust is
(a) Molybdenum
(b) Copper
(c) Iron
(d) Zinc

Q157. Symbol of element was introduced by
(a) John Dalton
(b) August Kekulé
(c) Antoine Lavoisier
(d) Jöns Jacob Berzelius

Q158. The only block that contains all three types of elements in Periodic Table
(a) s-block
(b) p-block
(c) d-block
(d) f-block

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