Slogan of some Popular Companies....

★ "Innovation"------------- 3M

★ “High Performance. Delivered.”Addidas------------- Accenture

★ “Impossible is nothing”-------------  Adidas

★ "Setting the Standards"-------------  Airbus

★ "…and You're Done"-------------

★ "Your World. Delivered"-------------  AT&T

★ "Circuit Design for the RF Impaired"Accenture-------------  ATG Design Services

★ "Get In the Game"-------------  ATI Technologies

★ “The Company for Woman”-------------  Avon

★ "Innovating for a Safer World"-------------  BAE Systems

★ "The Leader in Small Space and Rocket Systems"-------------  Ball Corporation

★ "Forever New Frontiers"-------------  Boeing

★ "Better Sound Through Research"BMW-------------  Bose Corporation

★ "Setting the Standard in Device Programming"-------------  BP Microsystems

★ “Beyond Petroleum”-------------  BP

★ “The ultimate driving machine”-------------  BMW

★ "Know How"-------------  Canon

★ “The Penalty of Leadership”-------------  Cadillac

★ “Between love and madness lies obsession”-------------  Calvin Klein

★ "This is the Power of the Network. Now."Ford-------------  Cisco Systems

★ "Inspiration Technology"-------------  Compaq (HP)

★ “Open Happieness”-------------  Coca-Cola

★ "Innovation and Excellence"-------------  Datel (C&D Tech)

★ "Get More out of Now"-------------  Dell Computer

★ “The happiest place on earth”-------------  Disneyland

★ "The Miracles of Science"-------------  DuPont

★ “Buy it. Sell it. Love it.”IBM-------------  Ebay

★ "Taking You Forward"-------------  Ericsson

★ "RF On Fiber"-------------  Fiber-Span, LLC

★ "Built for the Road Ahead"-------------  Ford

★ “For the men in charge of change”-------------  Fortune Magazine

★ "The Possibilities are Infinite"-------------  Fujitsu

★ "Strength On Your Side"-------------  General DynamicsNikon

★ "Imagination at Work"-------------  General Electric

★ "Innovation and Excellence in RF & Microwave"-------------  GigaLane

★ “Don’t be evil”-------------  Google

★ "Materials that Create Solutions"------------- Griff Specialty Paper and Film

★ "Inspire the Next"-------------  Hitachi

★ "Invent"-------------  Hewlett-Packard

★ "We are Honeywell"------------- Honeywell

★ “American by Birth. Rebel by choice.”-------------  Harley Davidson

★ "We Make IT Happen"Sun-------------  IBM

★ “Think big”-------------  Imax

★ "The Power of Choice"-------------  IFI

★ "Intel Inside"-------------  Intel

★ "Engineered for Life"-------------  ITT

★ "A Virtual World of Live Pictures"-------------  Kodak

★ “Finger lickin’ good”------------- Kentucky Fried Chicken

★ "At Linksys - We are making connectivity easier"------------- Linksys

★ “Because you’re worth it”-------------  L’Oreal

★ "The Future of Memory"-------------  Micron

★ "Digital DNA" "Hello. Moto"-------------  Motorola

★ "Your Partner In Antenna Technology"-------------  mWAVE Industries, LLC

★ "Empowered by Innovation"------------- NEC Corporation

★ "Connecting People"-------------  Nokia

★ “At the heart of the image”------------- Nikon

★ “Just do it”------------- Nike

★ "Business Without Boundaries"-------------  Nortel Networks

★ "The Leader in Small Space and Rocket Systems"-------------  Orbital Sciences Corporation

★ "Ideas for Life"------------- Panasonic

★ "Sense and Simplicity"-------------  Philips

★ “The greatest tragedy is indifference”-------------  Red Cross

★ "Imagine"-------------  Samsung Electronics

★ "The Network Is The Computer"-------------  Sun Microsystems

★ "We Make It Happen"-------------  Unisys

★ "This Is Momentum"-------------  United Technologies Corporation

★ "Can You Hear Me Now? Good."------------- Verizon Wireless

★ “It’s is everywhere you want to be”-------------  Visa

★ “Make the most of now”-------------  Vodafone

★ “Think small”-------------  Volkswagon

★ “Save money. Live Better.”-------------  Walmart

★ "The Programmable Logic Company"-------------  Xilinx

★ "When Performance Matters"-------------  XMA Corporation

★ “Let your fingers do the walking”-------------  Yellow Pages