Database Questions Answers

Q1. Which database is shared by all users of all databases on the servers for conserving storage space
(a) Sybdiag database
(b) Sybsecurity database
(c) Tempdb database
(d) dbccdb database

Q2. Data items grouped together for storage purposes are called
(a) Record
(b) Title
(c) List
(d) String

Q3. ______ have an ability to change the internal schema without having to change the external schema
(a) Logical data dependence
(b) Logical data independence
(c) Physical data dependence
(d) Physical data independence

Q4. Which one provide a single inter face that enables users to search many different search engine, indexes and database simultaneously
(a) Web Index
(b) Search Engine
(c) Meta-Search Engine
(d) Internet Relay Chat

Q5. Which connective is used to test the absence of set membership in SQL
(a) minus
(b) not in
(c) or
(d) intersection