Information Technology Quiz

Q1. Which of the following is a valid MAC address
(a) AA-65-EC-6F-C4-YZ
(b) 44-FF-AB
(c) 30-65-EC-6F-C4-58
(d) A9-B6-4D-3B

Q2. In respect of IPv4 and IPv6, which one is NOT True
(a) IPv4 uses 64 bits for addressing
(b) IPv6 uses 128 bits for addressing
(c) Under IPv4, networks are divided into three classes
(d) The number of networks in classes A, B and C are/ were respectively 27, 214 and 221

Q3. What does EDI stand for
(a) Electronic Data Interchange
(b) Electronic Data Interaction
(c) Electronic Data Interface
(d) E-Commerce Data Interface

Q4. A data _________ is a repository of information collected from multiple sources, over a history of time, stored under a unified schema. and used for data analysis and decision support
(a) Warehouse
(b) Repository
(c) Mine
(d) None of the above

Q5. A digital signature is
(a) A scanned signature
(b) Signature in binary form
(c) Encrypting information
(d) Signature stored in cloud

Q6. What kind of architecture does mobile computing deploy
(a) Two layered
(b) Three layered
(c) Four layered
(d) Five layered

Q7. Which segment do, belong to
(a) C2C
(b) B2C
(c) C2B
(d) B2B

Q8. Typical speed of current fastest super computers is measured in
(a) Petaflops
(b) GigaHertz
(c) MIPS
(d) None of the above

Q9. Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) refers to a
(a) Software tool
(b) Work station
(c) Super computer
(d) None of the above

Q10. Which of the following is not a phase during the communication via circuit switching
(a) Data Transfer
(b) Circuit Disconnect
(c) Tunneling
(d) None of the above

Q11. The ___________ greatly reduces the time required to access a single record, without sacrificing the sequential nature of the file
(a) Sequential file
(b) Indexed sequential file
(c) Direct file
(d) Relative file

Q12. When customers of a Web site are unable to access it due to flooding of fake network traffic, it is known as
(a) Virus
(b) Torjan horse
(c) Cracking
(d) Denial of Service attack

Q13. Which web browser was developed by Google
(a) Internet Explorer
(b) Firefox
(c) Safari
(d) Chrome

Q14. Safari browser is installed with which Operating System by default
(a) Windows
(b) Linux
(c) Mac
(d) Ubuntu

Q15. Arrange the following memory types in the decreasing order of their access speed
(a) Registers, Cache, Hard disk drive, Magnetic tape
(b) Cache, Registers, Hard disk drive, Magnetic tape
(c) Registers, Cache, Magnetic tape, Hard disk drive
(d) Magnetic tape, Hard disk drive, Cache, Registers

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