Computer Science Quiz

Q166. What is the file name extension for MS-Access database
(a) .acc
(b) .ppt
(c) .mdb
(d) .sql

Q167. Which of the following is a benchmark used to measure the performance of supercomputers
(b) Mbps
(c) Gbps
(d) TCP/IP

Q168. What is the name of the world's first supercomputer
(a) Cray-1
(c) CDC 6600
(d) IBM 7030 Stretch

Q169. Which interconnect network technology is commonly used in supercomputers to provide high-speed communication between processing nodes
(a) Ethernet
(b) InfiniBand
(c) Bluetooth
(d) Wi-Fi

Q170. Which of the following is not a cloud service
(a) Dropbox
(b) iCloud
(c) OneDrive
(d) Copilot

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