Computer Science GK Quiz

Q166. In the process of communication the first step is
(a) Encoding
(b) Message
(c) Decoding
(d) Receiving

Q167. How many printing characters are there in ASCII
(a) 62
(b) 79
(c) 85
(d) 94

Q168. Logarithm table was invented by
(a) John Douglas
(b) John Doe
(c) John Harrison
(d) John Napier

Q169. Which one is the World's fastest Super computer (till August-2017)
(a) Tianhe-2
(b) Titan
(c) Trinity
(d) Sunway TaihuLight

Q170. URL stands for
(a) Uniform Resource Locator
(b) Universal Resource Locator
(c) Unique Resource Locator
(d) Uniform Reserve Locator

Q171. UPS stands for
(a) Universal Power Supply
(b) Universal Power Source
(c) Uninterruptible Power Standby
(d) Uninterruptible Power Supply

Q172. Flip flop circuit store ________ of data
(a) One bit
(b) One byte
(c) 8 bit
(d) 8 byte

Q173. A computer executes Programs in the sequence of
(a) Decode, Fetch, Execute
(b) Execute,Decode, Fetch
(c) Fetch, Decode, Execute
(d) Store, Fetch, Execute

Q174. Which of the following is in the ascending order of Data hierarchy
(a) Bit-Byte-Record-Field-Database-File
(b) Byte-Bit-Record--File-Field-Database
(c) Bit-Byte-Field-Record-File-Database
(d) Field-Byte-Bit-Record-Database-File

Q175. In a Database Management System (DBMS), the content and the location of the data is defined by the
(a) Subdata
(b) Sequence data
(c) Multi Dimensional data
(d) Meta data

Q176. Who is known as the inventor of Computer mouse
(a) Douglas Engelbart
(b) Herman Hollerith
(c) Tom Cranston
(d) Jack Kilby

Q177. The place where accessories are connected in computer is known as
(a) Port
(b) Ring
(c) Bus
(d) Zip

Q178. How many numbers of home pages a web site can contain
(a) One
(b) As many as one would like to have
(c) Depends upon the size of the website
(d) Depends upon the size of contents

Q179. Which of the following is not the function of an Operating System
(a) Memory Management
(b) Input/Output Management
(c) Job Scheduling
(d) Database Management

Q180. System software is an interface between ____________
(a) Hardware and Application Software
(b) Application software and User
(c) RAM and ROM
(d) CPU and UPS

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