Computer Science GK Quiz

Q196. Which of the following is not a component in multimedia
(a) Audio
(b) Video
(c) Data
(d) Pen drive

Q197. Which of the following devices can be used to connect a computer to the Internet through a telephone line
(a) Modem
(b) Hub
(c) Extension Board
(d) Switch

Q198. Which of the following does not work on the principles of magnetization
(a) Hard Disk Drive
(b) Floppy Disk Drive
(c) Magnetic Tape
(d) Pen Drive

Q199. Internet is an exmple of ________
(a) Local Area Network
(b) Metropolitan Area Network
(c) Wide Area Network
(d) Storage Network

Q200. Which mobile company first introduced the Emoji internationally on their mobile devices
(a) Apple
(b) Samsung
(c) Motorola
(d) Blackberry

Q201. Encryption and decryption of data is performed in
(a) Presentation layer
(b) Physical layer
(c) Data link layer
(d) Session layer

Q202. Which of the following uses UDP as the transport protocol
(a) HTTP
(b) SMTP
(c) DNS
(d) Telnet

Q203. End to end connectivity is provided from host to host in the
(a) Network layer
(b) Transport layer
(c) Session layer
(d) Data link layer

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