How to convert Word Excel File to PDF File Offline

In day to day work on computer some time we require to convert our word and excel file to PDF file. Most of the time, we do it through online searching in Google and use other website to convert online. But we can do it in offline mode with less time consuming and simple process for 2007 Microsoft Office. There is a Microsoft add-on known as "Save as PDF" available in Microsoft website. You can download the add one and install it. The installation process is very simple one.

After installation open the Word or Excel file you want to save as PDF. Click the Office button on the left side top corner, click Save as. Then you will find the PDF option. Click that one; a window will open to save the document as PDF. Type the File name and click Publish button. It will save the document as PDF.



This is a easy process to convert the document offline without going to other website and follow their instructions.