Current Affairs 2019 Exam Question

Q46. Which team wins the Santosh Trophy Football final in 2019
(a) Punjab
(b) Railways
(c) Services
(d) Goa

Q47. The Earth Day is celebrated on
(a) 20th April
(b) 22nd April
(c) 24th April
(d) 25th April

Q48. Which country develops world's first 3D vascularised engineered heart
(a) India
(b) Israel
(c) Japan
(d) United States

Q49. Which country has awarded PM Narendra Modi with ‘Order of St Andrew the Apostle’ Award
(a) UAE
(b) Ukraine
(c) Russia
(d) Belarus

Q50. Which one country's stock market has overtaken Japan to be the world’s third largest in value
(a) India
(b) South Korea
(c) Saudi Arabia
(d) Hong Kong

Q51. Which country declared climate emergency to became only the second country after England to do so
(a) China
(b) Norway
(c) Ireland
(d) South Africa

Q52. The World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) 2019 is being observed on
(a) 4th May
(b) 6th May
(c) 8th May
(d) 11th May

Q53. Igor Stimac who is appointed as Indian men’s football team coach is belongs to which country
(a) Sweden
(b) Portugal
(c) Croatia
(d) Hungary

Q54. Which country has passed a law to criminalises publication of fake news
(a) Singapore
(b) Malaysia
(c) Brunei
(d) Bahrain

Q55. World Red Cross Day is observed on
(a) 5th May
(b) 8th May
(c) 12th May
(d) 13th May

Q56. Vajiralongkorn crowned as the new King of which country
(a) Malaysia
(b) Thailand
(c) Japan
(d) Indonesia

Q57. World Press Freedom Day is observed on
(a) 3rd May
(b) 5th May
(c) 8th May
(d) 11th May

Q58. National technology Day is observed on
(a) 5th May
(b) 8th May
(c) 11th May
(d) 14th May

Q59. Which city hosts the IPL 2019 final match
(a) Chennai
(b) Delhi
(c) Mumbai
(d) Hyderabad

Q60. Which Team wins the English Premier League champions 2019
(a) Manchester United
(b) Liverpool F.C.
(c) Arsenal
(d) Manchester City

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