Current Affairs 2021 Questions and Answers

Q31. Which team won the Vijay Hazare Trophy 2021
(a) Mumbai
(b) Delhi
(c) Punjab
(d) Uttar Pradesh

Q32. Who became the first female artist to win 28 Grammys
(a) Beyonce
(b) Rihanna
(c) Jennifer Lopez
(d) Lady Gaga

Q33. Who became the first-ever Indian fencer to qualify for the Olympics
(a) Aruna Reddy
(b) Swapna Barman
(c) Bhavani Devi
(d) Rahi Sarnobat

Q34. With which country, Russia signed an aggrement to set up an international lunar research station
(a) China
(b) India
(c) Japan
(d) UAE

Q35. What is the name of the India's third Scorpene-class submarine that was commissioned into the Indian Navy on March, 2021
(a) INS Vikram
(b) INS Arjun
(c) INS Karanj
(d) INS Vela

Q36. Which Indian Actor is conferred with 2021 Film Archive Award by the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF)
(a) Dharmendra
(b) Dilip Kumar
(c) Amitabh Bachchan
(d) Shammi Kapoor

Q37. Which city is renamed as Narmadapuram
(a) Gwalior
(b) Jabalpur
(c) Vidisha
(d) Hoshangabad

Q38. Which one becomes first state to table paperless budget
(a) Meghalaya
(b) West Bengal
(c) Madhya Pradesh
(d) Uttar Pradesh

Q39. As per the "World Happiness Report, 2021" released by UN, which one is the World’s happiest country
(a) Denmark
(b) Finland
(c) Netherlands
(d) Switzerland

Q40. World’s largest floating solar farms being built in
(a) Brunei
(b) Cambodia
(c) Malaysia
(d) Singapore

Q41. Which one is the top oil seller to India in 2020-21
(a) US
(b) UAE
(c) Iraq
(d) Iran

Q42. Which one of the below countries is not a part of “Quad” group
(a) US
(b) Japan
(c) India
(d) UK

Q43. World’s fastest supercomputer "Fugaku" is built in
(a) Singapore
(b) Japan
(c) South Korea
(d) Hong Kong

Q44. Which country has been ranked as the world's happiest country
(a) Denmark
(b) Finland
(c) Norway
(d) England

Q45. The Gandhi Peace Prize for the year 2020 is being conferred on
(a) Fidel Castro
(b) Barack Obama
(c) Nelson Mandela
(d) Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

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