Current Affairs 2021 Questions and Answers

Q61. Which one is the first indigenously developed DNA plasmid-based vaccine in India
(a) CoviVac
(b) ZyCoV-D
(c) Convidecia
(d) RBD-Dimer

Q62. Which one American city is elected as the 51st state of the United States
(a) Washington DC
(b) New York
(c) Chicago
(d) California

Q63. Which film won the Best Picture Award in Oscar this year
(a) Nomadland
(b) The Father
(c) Minari
(d) Sound of Metal

Q64. Who won the Best Actor Award in Oscar this year
(a) Steven Yeun
(b) Gary Oldman
(c) Riz Ahmed
(d) Anthony Hopkins

Q65. Who won the Best Actress Award in Oscar this year
(a) Viola Davis
(b) Andra Day
(c) Carey Mulligan
(d) Frances McDormand

Q66. Before Mamata Banerjee, who was the only woman to sworn in as Chief Minister of any state consecutively for three terms in India
(a) Sushma Swaraj
(b) Sheila Dixit
(c) Meira Kumar
(d) Jayalalithaa

Q67. The Air Defense System "Iron Dome" belongs to which country
(a) Israel
(b) Iran
(c) USA
(d) Japan

Q68. Which team won the FA Cup football trophy this year
(a) Arsenal
(b) Manchester City
(c) Chelsea
(d) Leicester

Q69. What is the name of the first Chinese rover that landed on Mars
(a) Tianwen
(b) Wenchang
(c) Zhu Rong
(d) Sojourner

Q70. Who won the Miss Universe title for 2021
(a) Andrea Meza
(b) Julia Gama
(c) Júlia Horta
(d) Janick Maceta

Q71. Which Covid vaccine has got the approval for phase 2/3 trials on 2-18 years old in India
(a) Covishield
(b) Sputnik V
(c) Covaxin
(d) Pfizer

Q72. Which one becomes the first Indian state to have a real-time digital flood reporting system
(a) Assam
(b) Bihar
(c) Odisha
(d) Tamil Nadu

Q73. Who is appointed as the new Director of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)
(a) Sanjay Barve
(b) Rakesh Maria
(c) Subodh Kumar Jaiswal
(d) Rishi Kumar Shukla

Q74. Which country had recently announced three children policy
(a) China
(b) Saudi Arabia
(c) North Korea
(d) Iran

Q75. Which one become the world's first nation to adopt a cryptocurrency as legal tender
(a) Panama
(b) Chile
(c) Bolivia
(d) El Salvador

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