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Q1. Which country's Prime Minister is awarded with the Nobel Peace Prized for the year 2019
(a) Kenya
(b) Tanzania
(c) Ethiopia
(d) Uganda

Q2. Which Indian city hosted second Informal summit between Indian and Chinese Prime Minister
(a) Ooty
(b) Wayanad
(c) Pondicherry
(d) Mamallapuram

Q3. Peter Handke who won the 2019 Literature Prize is an _______ author
(a) Austrian
(b) Australian
(c) Armenian
(d) Italian

Q4. Indian Air Force celebrated foundation day on
(a) 6th October
(b) 8th October
(c) 10th October
(d) 12th October

Q5. World Migratory Bird Day is celebrated on
(a) 10th October
(b) 12th October
(c) 14th October
(d) 16th October

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