GK Current Affairs Quiz- 22nd June, 2019

Q1. Which country host the 2019 Copa America Cup football tournament
(a) Brazil
(b) Uruguay
(c) Chile
(d) Argentina

Q2. Which one country becoming the first Arab nation to play in the Copa American football tournament
(a) UAE
(b) Iran
(c) Qatar
(d) Bahrain

Q3. Who was the last Indian captain before Virat Kohli to scores three successive half centuries in World Cup
(a) Sachin Tendulkar
(b) Kapil Dev
(c) Sourav Ganguly
(d) Mohammad Azharuddin

Q4. "My Life, My Mission" is the autobiography of
(a) Baba Ramdev
(b) Arvind Kejriwal
(c) Rajnath Singh
(d) Subramanian Swamy

Q5. As per Environmental ministry of India, how much area of India's geographical area is now constitutes of green cover
(a) 23.12%
(b) 23.68%
(c) 24.39%
(d) 24.72%

Q6. Against which team, Mohammed Shami takes hatrick wickets in 2019 World Cup
(a) West Indies
(b) New Zealand
(c) Pakistan
(d) Afghanistan