GK Current Affairs Quiz- 4th December, 2019

Q1. Indian Navy Day is celebrated on
(a) 29th November
(b) 1st December
(c) 2nd December
(d) 4th December

Q2. According to the Global Climate Risk Index 2020, what is India's rank in the most climate-affected country in 2018
(a) 4th
(b) 5th
(c) 6th
(d) 7th

Q3. The US has passed the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act to address the problems of ethnic Muslim minorities in
(a) China
(b) Malaysia
(c) Mongolia
(d) Myanmar

Q4. As per new Citizenship (Amendment) Bill-2019, how many years a person need to stay in India for getting Indian citizenship
(a) 4 years
(b) 6 years
(c) 8 years
(d) 9 years

Q5. Who wins the Ballon d’Or Féminin 2019 award
(a) Megan Rapinoe
(b) Sue Bird
(c) Kelley O'Hara
(d) Rose Lavelle

Q6. Which cricket team wins the Christopher Martin-Jenkins Spirit of Cricket award for the year 2019
(a) India
(b) Australia
(c) West Indies
(d) New Zealand