GK Current Affairs Quiz- 4th January, 2020

Q1. Which one is the new integrated single to be used by Indian Railways
(a) 135
(b) 136
(c) 138
(d) 139

Q2. The 5th National Ice Hockey Championship, 2020 starts in
(a) Kullu
(b) Manali
(c) Leh
(d) Dharamshala

Q3. What is the name of the new app launched by RBI to help visually challenged people to identify denomination of currency notes
(a) MANI
(b) PANI
(c) KANI
(d) GANI

Q4. The World Braille Day is celebrated on
(a) 2nd January
(b) 3rd January
(c) 4th January
(d) 5th January

Q5. The Lai Haraoba festival is observed by which state
(a) Sikkim
(b) Mizoram
(c) Tripura
(d) Nagaland

Q6. Which one become the first country to ban sun cream that is harmful to corals
(a) Nauru
(b) Palau
(c) Tuvalu
(d) Ivory Coast