General Science Question Answer

Q1. The acid that is used in most of the car batteries is
(a) Acetic acid
(b) Hydrochloric acid
(c) Nitric acid
(d) Sulphuric acid

Q2. Goitre is caused by the deficiency of
(a) Calcium
(b) Iron
(c) Phosphorous
(d) Iodine

Q3. The first four planets nearest from the Sun are known as
(a) Terrestrial Planets
(b) Jovian Planets
(c) Gaseous Planets
(d) Gas-Giant Planets

Q4. The metal which melts at human body temperature
(a) Gallium
(b) Indium
(c) Thallium
(d) Boron

Q5. What is the percentage of nitrogen in urea
(a) 50% nitrogen
(b) 46% nitrogen
(c) 80% nitrogen
(d) 90% nitrogen

Q6. Glass is affected by which acid
(a) HCL
(b) H2SO4
(c) HF
(d) HNO3

Q7. DDT is an insecticide, which is prepared from
(a) Chlorobenzene + Trichloroacetone
(b) Chlorobenzene + Trichloroacetaldehyde
(c) Benzene + Trichloroacetone
(d) Benzene + Trichloroacetaldehyde

Q8. Who discovered Rh factor
(a) James Watson
(b) Robert Hook
(c) Landsteiner Carl
(d) Wiiliam Harvey

Q9. An ester used as medicine is
(a) ethyl acetate
(b) methyl salicylate
(c) ethyl benzoate
(d) methyl benzoate

Q10. The fertilizer which is called as "nitrolim" is
(a) Super phosphate
(b) Calcium ammonium nitrate
(c) Calcium cyanamide
(d) Sodium nitrate

Q11. Betatron is a device for accelerating
(a) Electron
(b) Neutron
(c) Proton
(d) Meson

Q12. What of the following seismic waves has the shortest wavelength
(a) S-waves
(b) L-waves
(c) P-waves
(d) Pg-waves

Q13. What chemical is used in solar cells
(a) Calcium
(b) Cadmium
(c) Potassium
(d) Sodium

Q14. Milk of Jersey cow has a characteristic yellow colour due to the high content of which of the following
(a) Haemoglobin
(b) Melanin
(c) Carotene
(d) Xanthophyll

Q15. What is the first antibiotic discovered in the world
(a) Ampicillin
(b) Tetracyclin
(c) Penicillin
(d) Streptomycin

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