General Science Question Answer

Q31. The smallest particle which participates in a chemical reaction is
(a) Proton
(b) Neutron
(c) Molecule
(d) Atom

Q32. Who had invented the pH scale
(a) S.P.L Sorenson
(b) Benjamin Franklin
(c) Henry Moseley
(d) Wilhelm Rontgen

Q33. Which of the following chemical is added in washing powder for keeping it dry
(a) Sodium silicate
(b) Inorganic phosphate
(c) Carboxy - methyl cellulose
(d) Sodium perborate

Q34. Mirage is an example of
(a) Refraction
(b) Total internal reflection
(c) Deflection
(d) Diffraction

Q35. What does "N" stand for in the full form of CNG gas
(a) Non-combustible
(b) Nitogenous
(c) Non-compressible
(d) Natural

Q36. Mole is the SI unit to measure which physical quantity
(a) Intensiy of light
(b) Solid angle
(c) Conductivity
(d) Amount of substance

Q37. The group of organisms which converts light into food is called
(a) autotrophs
(b) heterotrophs
(c) decomposers
(d) omnivores

Q38. Vermicomposting is done by
(a) fungus
(b) bacteria
(c) worms
(d) animals

Q39. Who is the developer of ‘Hike’ messenger
(a) Kavin Bharti Mittal
(b) Sundar Pichai
(c) Chris Hughes
(d) Dustin Moskivitz

Q40. Oral contraceptive pill contains
(a) FSH and LH
(b) Progesterone and Estrogen
(c) Progesterone
(d) Estrogen

Q41. Hardness of bones is due to the presence of
(a) Calcium carbonates
(b) Calcium sulphates
(c) Calcium phosphates
(d) Calcium oxalate

Q42. VNTR is employed in
(a) DNA fingerprinting
(b) Cloning
(c) Probe
(d) Splicing

Q43. When was Darwin's "Origin of Species" published
(a) July 1858
(b) January 1859
(c) August 1859
(d) November 1859

Q44. Name the group of animals which do not live in salt water
(a) Fishes
(b) Mammals
(c) Amphibians
(d) Reptiles

Q45. Axis is absent in
(a) Frog
(b) Snake
(c) Lizard
(d) Rat

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