General Science Question Answer

Q46. Which one of the following Non-metal is lustrous
(a) Iodine
(b) Carbon
(c) Sulphur
(d) Nitrogen

Q47. Which among the following is the chief natural source of Tartaric acid
(a) Tomato
(b) Tamarind
(c) Vinegar
(d) Orange

Q48. 'Dark fermentation' is a method to
(a) Produce Hydrogen as fuel from distillery wastewater
(b) Disposal of nuclear waste
(c) Produce lactose from organic waste
(d) Reduce Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

Q49. Deficiency of which of the following vitamin causes pernicious anaemia
(a) Vitamin-B1
(b) Vitamin-B2
(c) Vitamin-B6
(d) Vitamin-B12

Q50. Which of the following is a disinfectant
(a) Soframicine
(b) Furacine
(c) 0.2% solution of phenol
(d) 1% solution of phenol

Q51. An example of gas dispersed in solid is
(a) Cloud
(b) Froth
(c) Pumice Stone
(d) Fog

Q52. The polymer having strongest intermolecular forces is
(a) Neoprene
(b) Nylon-6
(c) Buna-S
(d) Polythene

Q53. Wilson's disease causes accumulation of which metal in the liver, kindney and brain
(a) Cu
(b) Fe
(c) Ca
(d) Mg

Q54. Probiotics are
(a) cancer inducing microbes
(b) safe antibiotics
(c) a kind of food allergen
(d) live microbial food supplement

Q55. The technical term used for fungi that grows on animal dung
(a) Fungicolous
(b) Coprophilous
(c) Lignicolous
(d) Keratinophilic

Q56. Which one is an antibiotic obtained from the blue green mold
(a) Streptomycin
(b) Penicillin
(c) Aureomycin
(d) Chloromycin

Q57. Among the following which planet takes maximum time for one revolution around the Sun
(a) Mars
(b) Jupiter
(c) Saturn
(d) Uranus

Q58. The first man who draw a map with latitude and longitude is
(a) Ptolemy
(b) Anaximander
(c) Alexander
(d) Erotasthanes

Q59. Which one is an important vector for Plague disease
(a) Mosquito
(b) Housefly
(c) Flea
(d) Snail

Q60. In the presence of ____ , protein is differentiated from carbohydrates and fats
(a) C
(b) H2
(c) O2
(d) N2

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