India General Knowledge Exam Questions

Q61. Which of the following States of India has the highest proverty ratio
(a) Bihar
(b) Jharkhand
(c) Chhattisgarh
(d) Odisha

Q62. The NOTA option was first used in the elections in
(a) 2004
(b) 2007
(c) 2013
(d) 2015

Q63. The Nathula Pass is located in which state
(a) Arunachal Pradesh
(b) Sikkim
(c) Jammu and Kashmir
(d) Himachal Pradesh

Q64. Which state earned the name of "Fruit Bowl" of the country
(a) Jammu and Kashmir
(b) Uttarakhand
(c) Uttar Pradesh
(d) Himachal Pradesh

Q65. The Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar reservoir is located in
(a) Uttar Pradesh
(b) Madhya Pradesh
(c) Maharashtra
(d) Himachal Pradesh

Q66. Which one is the least populated state of India
(a) Arunachal Pradesh
(b) Sikkim
(c) Nagaland
(d) Goa

Q67. Which one is the most populated state of India
(a) Bihar
(b) Maharashtra
(c) Uttar Pradesh
(d) Madhya Pradesh

Q68. The Ethnic group Mongoloids are found in India in
(a) Southern region
(b) South-central region
(c) North-western region
(d) North-eastern region

Q69. Which Indian state has the longest border with China
(a) Sikkim
(b) Uttarakhand
(c) Jammu and Kashmir
(d) Arunachal Pradesh

Q70. In India, the first state forensic science laboratory was established at
(a) Calcutta, 1952
(b) Calcutta, 1955
(c) Delhi, 1952
(d) Delhi, 1955

Q71. Which is the only place in South India where snowfall occurs
(a) Lambasingi
(b) Lothugadda
(c) Meliaputti
(d) Araku

Q72. The College of Defence Management is located at
(a) Pune
(b) Delhi
(c) Dehradun
(d) Secunderabad

Q73. Out of the followings, which tribe is native of Andaman Islands
(a) Jarawa
(b) Munda
(c) Kota
(d) Kader

Q74. The Centre for DNA Fingerprinting is located at
(a) Bengaluru
(b) Hyderabad
(c) New Delhi
(d) Mysore

Q75. Which is a "Fire and Forget" anti-tank missile
(a) Prahar
(b) Akash
(c) Nag
(d) Astra

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