India GK Question for Exam

Q91. Barak-8 missile has been developed by India in collaboration with
(a) USA
(b) Germany
(c) Japan
(d) Israel

Q92. Which cities are known as the "Golden Triangle" of Indian Tourism
(a) Delhi, Jaipur and Agra
(b) Mumbai, Goa and Pune
(c) Agra, Kanpur and Lucknow
(d) None of the above

Q93. As per 2011 census, which one is the most densely populated state in India
(a) Bihar
(b) Uttar Pradesh
(c) West Bengal
(d) Kerala

Q94. As per 2011 census, which one is the most densely populated Union Territory of India
(a) Delhi
(b) Chandigarh
(c) Puducherry
(d) Daman and Diu

Q95. The National Land Records Modernization Programme (NLRMP) was launched in the year
(a) 2005
(b) 2007
(c) 2008
(d) 2011

Q96. Under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, compulsory education to children is compulsory between the ages group of 6 to _____
(a) 12
(b) 13
(c) 14
(d) 16

Q97. The largest Sugar Mill of India is located in
(a) Bihar
(b) Uttar Pradesh
(c) Madhya Pradesh
(d) Punjab

Q98. National Dairy Research Institute is located in
(a) Lucknow
(b) Jaipur
(c) Hisar
(d) Karnal

Q99. Indian Veterinary Research Institute is located in
(a) Bareilly
(b) Mathura
(c) Indore
(d) Patna

Q100. Which state shares its borders with maximum number of neighbouring states
(a) Assam
(b) Uttar Pradesh
(c) Madhya Pradesh
(d) Chhattisgarh

Q101. Who is considered as the "Architect of Panchayati Raj" in India
(a) Acharya Narendra Deo
(b) G.V.K Rao
(c) B.R. Mehta
(d) L.M. Singhavi

Q102. Which among the following is the largest mechanized mine in India
(a) Ratnagiri mine
(b) Jaipur mine
(c) Sundergarh mine
(d) Bailadila mine

Q103. The Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture is located in
(a) Delhi
(b) Lucknow
(c) Raipur
(d) Guwahati

Q104. Which State in India uses the maximum portion of its land for rice cultivation
(a) West Bengal
(b) Bihar
(c) Uttar Pradesh
(d) Karnataka

Q105. Total number of provinces in British India before independence is
(a) 15
(b) 17
(c) 19
(d) 22

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