India Online GK Questions

Q166. In which year, first car ran on an Indian road
(a) 1895
(b) 1897
(c) 1898
(d) 1902

Q167. What is the width of the Siliguri Corridor (also known as the Chicken's Neck) which connects northeastern states to the rest of India
(a) 22 kilometres
(b) 36 kilometres
(c) 43 kilometres
(d) 56 kilometres

Q168. Who was the first living personality whose postage stamps have been issued in his lifetime
(a) Dr. M. Visvesaraiya
(b) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
(c) Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
(d) Dr Dhondo Keshav Karve

Q169. From which Indian city, the exiled spiritual leader Dalai Lama run his government
(a) Shimla
(b) Manali
(c) Dharamshala
(d) Nainital

Q170. "Saint Francis Church" which is the oldest European church in India was built in the year
(a) 1503
(b) 1510
(c) 1519
(d) 1523

Q171. Until which year, India was the only source of diamonds in the world
(a) 1892
(b) 1896
(c) 1903
(d) 1913

Q172. Which one is the only state in India with a diamond mine in the country as well as in Asia
(a) Kerala
(b) Tamil Nadu
(c) Andhra Pradesh
(d) Madhya Pradesh

Q173. Which one is the first Granite Temple built in the World
(a) Shore Temple
(b) Jagannath Temple, Puri
(c) Brihadeshwara Temple
(d) Meenakshi Temple

Q174. Which one of the below games was not originated in India
(a) Golf
(b) Chess
(c) Dice
(d) Polo

Q175. How many guns give salute during the unfurls of the National Flag by President of India on the occasion of Republic Day
(a) 11
(b) 18
(c) 21
(d) 33

Q176. The Indian Rupee sign was adopted by the Government of India
(a) 2006
(b) 2008
(c) 2010
(d) 2012

Q177. Who was the first Chairman of Union Public Service Commission
(a) Sir Eyre
(b) Sir Ross Barker
(c) Sir David Petrie
(d) Sir F.W. Robertson

Q178. Who was the first Commander-in-Chief of Indian Army
(a) KM Cariappa
(b) Rajendra Sinhji
(c) Arjan Singh
(d) Sam Manekshaw

Q179. The "Alai Darwaza" is located in which historical monuments's complex
(a) Taj Mahal
(b) Red Fort
(c) Jama Masjid
(d) Qutub Minar

Q180. The India Gate was built in the memory of Indian soldiers who were killed during
(a) Sepoy Mutiny
(b) World War I
(c) World War II
(d) India China War, 1962

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