Indian History Question Answer

Q211. Which one marathi weekly was published by B.R. Ambedkar in 1930
(A) Agni
(B) Samanta
(C) Janata
(D) Hind-Khabar

Q212. Who was the author of "Kavyadarsa"
(A) Daṇḍin
(B) Bharavi
(C) Jayadeva
(D) Kalidasa

Q213. Which Gupta ruler issued silver coin for the first time
(A) Samudragupta
(B) Chandragupta II
(C) Skandagupta
(D) Kumaragupta I

Q214. In which year, the control of the city of Delhi passed from the Marathas to the British
(A) 1791
(B) 1795
(C) 1799
(D) 1803

Q215. In which year Permanent Revenue Settlement was introduced
(A) 1793
(B) 1794
(C) 1795
(D) 1796

Q216. Gol Gumbaz of Bijapur is the mausoleum of which of these rulers
(A) Sher Shah Suri
(B) Alauddin Khilji
(C) Adil Shah
(D) Nadir Shah Abdali

Q217. Which of the following texts contained rules of the Buddhist Sangha
(A) Dipavamsa
(B) Abhidhamma Pitaka
(C) Vinaya Pitaka
(D) Sutta Pitaka

Q218. The lady representative from India in the second round table conference was
(A) Lakshmi Gosh
(B) Sarojini Naidu
(C) Annie Besant
(D) Vijayalakshmi Pandit

Q219. Which Arab writer mentioned the practice of Sati during Rajput rule
(A) Mansur
(B) Murshid
(C) Arshad
(D) Sulaiman

Q220. Who among the following Chola rulers sent an embassy of merchants to China
(A) Rajendra Chola
(B) Rajaditya
(C) Vira Rajendra
(D) Kulottunga

Q221. Who among the following wrote the text "Kadambari"
(A) Banabhatta
(B) Kalidasa
(C) Sasanka
(D) Harsha

Q222. During whose reign the Persian envoy Abdur Razaak came to Vijayanagar Empire
(A) Bukka
(B) Devaraya I
(C) Devaraya II
(D) Virupaksha

Q223. The "Ring fence policy" is associated with
(A) Lord Hastings
(B) Warren Hastings
(C) Dalhousie
(D) Hunter

Q224. Which Viceroy of India passed the "Ancient Monuments Preservation Act"
(A) Lord Curzon
(B) Lord Mountbatten
(C) Lord Rippon
(D) Lord Macaulay

Q225. Which British Viceroy has longest reign as Viceroy of India
(A) Lord Curzon
(B) Lord Irwin
(C) Lord Linlithgow
(D) Lord Wavell

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