Indian History GK Trivia

Q46. Who abolished dual government in Bengal
(a) Sir John Shore
(b) Warren Hastings
(c) Lord Hastings
(d) Lord Cornwallis

Q47. Who among the following has been popularly known as "Frontier Gandhi"
(a) M. K. Gandhi
(b) Firoz Gandhi
(c) Muhammad Ali Jinnah
(d) Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

Q48. The play Neel Darpan deals with which of the following subjects
(a) Poetry of 19th Century
(b) The miserable condition of industrial labourers
(c) Plight of indigo plantation workers
(d) Plight of cotton cultivators

Q49. The first Indian national Congress consisted of
(a) 72 delegates
(b) 76 delegates
(c) 89 delegates
(d) 90 delegates

Q50. The Widow Remarriage Act was passed in the year
(a) 1856
(b) 1756
(c) 1865
(d) 1872

Q51. Who started the Aligarh Movement
(a) Aga Khan
(b) Salimulla Khan
(c) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
(d) Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

Q52. The period from 1813 to 1858 is known as
(a) The policy of ring fence
(b) The policy of subordinate union
(c) The policy of equal federation
(d) The policy of subordinate isolation

Q53. Who repealed the Vernacular Press Act
(a) Lord Lytton
(b) Lord Curzon
(c) Lord Canning
(d) Lord Ripon

Q54. Who was the first Indian to join the Civil Service in 1863
(a) Surendra Nath Banerjee
(b) Romesh Chandra Dutta
(c) Satyendranath Tagore
(d) Biharilal Gupta

Q55. In which year did Jawaharlal Nehru become the President of the India National Congress
(a) 1917
(b) 1923
(c) 1925
(d) 1929

Q56. Which of the following granted "separate electorate" to Indian Muslims
(a) Charter Act of 1933
(b) Muslim League in 1906
(c) Government of India Act, 1935
(d) Morley-Minto Reforms, 1909

Q57. When was the first Jute Mill was established
(a) 1854
(b) 1855
(c) 1856
(d) 1888

Q58. Who was the President of the Swaraj Party
(a) Motilal Nehru
(b) Vallabhbhai Patel
(c) Madan Mohan Malviya
(d) C. R. Das

Q59. Quit India Resolution was adopted on
(a) 8th August, 1942
(b) 9th August, 1942
(c) 24th October, 1945
(d) 15th August, 1946

Q60. King Ashoka died in the year
(a) 291 BC
(b) 272 BC
(c) 232 BC
(d) 206 BC

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