Indian Politics Question Answer

Q61. Which Article of the Constitution of India gives provision to set up village panchayats
(a) Article 15
(b) Article 25
(c) Article 243
(d) Article 42

Q62. Total number of women memebers in the Constituent Assembly was
(a) 12
(b) 15
(c) 18
(d) 21

Q63. The provisions in Fifth Schedule and Sixth Schedule in the Constitution of India are made in order to
(a) protect the interests of Scheduled Tribes
(b) determine the boundaries between States
(c) determine the powers, authority and responsibilities of Panchayats
(d) protect the interests of all the border States

Q64. The residuary powers of legislation under Indian Constitution rests with
(a) The President
(b) The Prime Minister
(c) The Parliament
(d) The Chief Justice

Q65. Which Institution has the final authority to interpret the India Constitution
(a) Praliament
(b) President
(c) Attorney General of India
(d) Supreme Court of India

Q66. The Panchayat Samiti remains accountable for its functions to
(a) Zilla Parishads
(b) Janpad Panchayats
(c) Anchal Panchayats
(d) The Gram Panchayats and Gram Sabhas

Q67. Who was the first person to be re-elected as Indian Vice President after Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
(a) Zakir Husain
(b) V V Giri
(c) Shankar Dayal Sharma
(d) Mohammad Hamid Ansari

Q68. Which is not concern of the local government
(a) Public Health
(b) Sanitation
(c) Law and Order
(d) Public Utility Services

Q69. In India, the concept of single citizenship is adopted from
(a) England
(b) USA
(c) France
(d) Japan

Q70. Who had proposed party less democracy in India
(a) Vinoda Bhave
(b) V V Giri
(c) Mahatma Gandhi
(d) Jaya Prakash Narayan

Q71. Who is the first Law Officer in India
(a) President
(b) Prime Minister
(c) Law Minister
(d) Attorney General

Q72. Which Amendment of the Constitution relates to Anti-defection Law
(a) 51st
(b) 52nd
(c) 54th
(d) 56th

Q73. In which of the following cases the Supreme Court of India gave verdict that the Preamble is part of Indian Constitution
(a) Golak Nath Case
(b) Babari Masjid Case
(c) Minerva Mills Case
(d) Kesavananda Bharati Case

Q74. The Governor does not appoint the
(a) Judges of the High Court
(b) Chief Minister
(c) Advocate General of the State
(d) Chairman of the State Public Service Commission

Q75. The Panchayati Raj is included in the
(a) Union List
(b) Concurrent List
(c) State List
(d) Residuary List

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