Indian Politics Question Answer

Q91. In India, if motion of thanks to President's address is defeated, then who would resign
(a) The Government
(b) President
(c) Prime Minister
(d) Speaker of Lok Sabha

Q92. Which Article of the Constitution addresses our Country as "India, that is Bharat"
(a) Preamble
(b) Article 1
(c) Article 2
(d) Article 3

Q93. The Union Finance Commission which first categorized the States as Special and General Category States is
(a) Third Finance Commission
(b) Fourth Finance Commission
(c) Fifth Finance Commission
(d) Sixth Finance Commission

Q94. Which body decides the number and size of constituencies in India for electoral purposes
(a) NITI-Aayog
(b) Election Commission of India
(c) Delimitation Commission
(d) Ministry of Home Affairs

Q95. Which Lok Sabha is of shortest duration till now
(a) 7th Lok Sabha
(b) 8th Lok Sabha
(c) 10th Lok Sabha
(d) 12th Lok Sabha

Q96. Which article of the Constitution states that "All are equal before Law"
(a) Article 14
(b) Article 15
(c) Article 17
(d) Article 19

Q97. Which Article of the Constitution speaks about Uniform Civil Code
(a) 38
(b) 41
(c) 44
(d) 47

Q98. Under which article of the Constitution C&AG submits a report on finances of a State to the Governor
(a) Article 136
(b) Article 143
(c) Article 151
(d) Article 159

Q99. In which year, did the right to education come into force as a fundamental right
(a) 2009
(b) 2010
(c) 2011
(d) 2012

Q100. How many members are from the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha respectively in the Parliamentary Committee on Welfare of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes
(a) 10 and 5
(b) 5 and 12
(c) 20 and 10
(d) 20 and 12

Q101. The Model Code of Conduct for elections is issued by the Election Commission as per
(a) Rules in the Constitution
(b) Rules in the Indian Penal Code
(c) Issued for voluntary compliance
(d) Rules laid down in the Peoples Representation Act

Q102. Which of these Fundamental Rights is available only to a citizen of India
(a) Rights under Article 19
(b) Rights under Article 21
(c) Rights under Article 25
(d) Rights under Article 28

Q103. The Fundamental Duties are introduced in the Constitution upon recommendation of the Committee
(a) Chavan Committee
(b) Swaran Sing Committee
(c) Buta Singh Committee
(d) Narasimha Rao Committee

Q104. Which Article of the Directive Principles of the Constitution mentions about empowering Village Panchayats
(a) Article 38
(b) Article 39
(c) Article 40
(d) Article 41

Q105. To becomes an Act, how many times a Bill need to go through in Parliament House
(a) 2
(b) 3
(c) 4
(d) 5

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