Indian Politics Question Answer

Q31. Which article empowers the president of India to promulgate ordinance during the recess of the parliament
(a) Article 120
(b) Article 121
(c) Article 122
(d) Article 123

Q32. The first joint session of the parliament was held in the year
(a) 1960
(b) 1961
(c) 1962
(d) 1963

Q33. How many functional items are in the 73rd Amendment Act that deals with Panchayat Raj
(a) 29 functional items
(b) 30 functional items
(c) 31 functional items
(d) 32 functional items

Q34. Who is the first Indian Vice-President to serve during the terms of three presidents
(a) V. V. Giri
(b) Hamid Ansari
(c) B. D. Jatti
(d) Bhairon Singh Shekhawat

Q35. Who among the following is the longest serving chairman of the Rajya Sabha
(a) Hamid Ansari
(b) Om Birla
(c) Zakir Husain
(d) Krishan Kant

Q36. Article 24 of the Indian Constitution prohibits employment of children in any factory below the age of
(a) 10 years
(b) 12 years
(c) 14 years
(d) 16 years

Q37. How many years of work experience in high court is required to become the Chief Justice of Supreme Court
(a) 3 years
(b) 5 years
(c) 8 years
(d) 10 years

Q38. In 1953 under whose chairmanship was the first OBC commission formed
(a) B. S. Chauhan
(b) Sharad Joshi
(c) Kaka Kalelkar
(d) K. C. Neogy

Q39. In which year did the Parliament of India enact the Environment Protection Act
(a) 1980
(b) 1982
(c) 1984
(d) 1986

Q40. By which amendment, right to education was included as fundamental right in Indian Constitution
(a) 84th
(b) 85th
(c) 86th
(d) 88th

Q41. In which year, Indira Gandhi took oath as the first women Prime Minister of India
(a) 1962
(b) 1964
(c) 1965
(d) 1966

Q42. Who was the first woman to hold Cabinet rank in Union cabinet of India
(a) Indira Gandhi
(b) Amrit Kaur
(c) Sucheta Kripalani
(d) Sarojini Naidu

Q43. The National Policy for Children, 2013 recognizes every person as a child below the age of
(a) 13 years
(b) 15 years
(c) 16 years
(d) 18 years

Q44. The "Anti-defection law" is commenced from the year
(a) 1985
(b) 1989
(c) 1993
(d) 1998

Q45. Article 280 of the Indian Constitution lays down the establishment of the
(a) Planning Commission
(b) Inter-State Council
(c) River Waters Tribunal
(d) Finance Commission

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