Indian Polity Quiz

Q16. The Second largest judicial complex in the World
(a) Gauhati High Court
(b) Delhi High Court
(c) Madras High Court
(d) Bombay High Court

Q17. When the first General Election held in India
(a) 1950
(b) 1951
(c) 1952
(d) 1955

Q18. The only person who had defeated Indira Gandhi in Lok Sabha election-1977
(a) Ram Manohar Lohia
(b) Morarji Desai
(c) Lal Bahadur Shastri
(d) Raj Narain

Q19. Who hold the record of winning Lok Sabha election with highest margin of votes
(a) Atal Bihari Vajpayee
(b) Anil Basu
(c) Indira Gandhi
(d) Khagen Das

Q20. The President of India address his resignation letter to the
(a) Speaker
(b) Vice President of India
(c) Chief Justice
(d) Prime Minister

Q21. Which state has the largest number of seats reserved for schedule tribes in Lok Sabha
(a) Bihar
(b) Assam
(c) Madhya Pradesh
(d) Chhattisgarh

Q22. Who is the longest serving Chief Minister in India
(a) M Karunanidhi
(b) Jyoti Basu
(c) Pawan Kumar Chamling
(d) Manik Sarkar

Q23. Which state has no Panchayati Raj Institution
(a) Mizoram
(b) Manipur
(c) Nagaland
(d) Jarkhand

Q24. Which High Court for the first time in India declared 'Bandh" as illegal
(a) Allahabad High Court
(b) Gujarat High Court
(c) Kerala High Court
(d) Rajasthan High Court

Q25. Who is the Chairman of Kendriya Hindi Samiti
(a) President
(b) Vice President
(c) Prime Minister
(d) HRD Minister

Q26. Right to Information Act in India came fully into force in
(a) October,2008
(b) June,2005
(c) July,2008
(d) October,2005

Q27. Right to Information Act in India applies to all states and Union Territories except
(a) Jammu and Kashmir
(b) Nagaland
(c) Goa
(d) Sikkim

Q28. Which state has the largest Legislative Assembly
(a) Karnataka
(b) West Bengal
(c) Uttar Pradesh
(d) Maharastra

Q29. Who is the first President of Indian National Congress
(a) Dadabhai Naoroji
(b) M K Gandhi
(c) George Yule
(d) W C Bonnerjee

Q30. Minimum age required to contest for Lok Sabha election
(a) 30 Years
(b) 35 Years
(c) 28 Yeras
(d) 25 Years

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