India and International Sports MCQ

Q136. The Walker Cup is associated with
(a) Hockey
(b) Golf
(c) Tennis
(d) Table Tennis

Q137. What is the number of players on each side in Rugby Football
(a) 11
(b) 12
(c) 15
(d) 16

Q138. Who has become the first Test Captain in cricket history to score three centuries in first three innings
(a) Kumar Sangakara
(b) Steve smith
(c) Virat Kohli
(d) M. S. Dhoni

Q139. Cassius Clay is the born name of which famous boxer
(a) Joe Frazier
(b) Evander Holyfield
(c) Mike Tyson
(d) Muhammad Ali

Q140. The term CUE is related to
(a) Badminton
(b) Basket Ball
(c) Base Ball
(d) Billiards

Q141. Which is the oldest football tournament in India
(a) Durand Cup
(b) IFA Shield
(c) Santosh Trophy
(d) Federation Cup

Q142. Which city has designated to host the 2020 Summer Olympic Games
(a) Seoul
(b) Tokyo
(c) Brisbane
(d) Barcelona

Q143. The "Bird's Nest" stadium is at
(a) Athens
(b) Beijing
(c) Seoul
(d) Sydney

Q144. Which one of the following is not related to Football
(a) Santosh Trophy
(b) Duleep Trophy
(c) Durand Cup
(d) DCM Cup

Q145.The first Afro-Asian Games was held at
(a) New Delhi
(b) Mumbai
(c) Hyderabad
(d) Kolkata

Q146.The first Commonwealth Games in 1930 was held in which country
(a) Australia
(b) England
(c) New Zealand
(d) Canada

Q147. Which of the following is the first Indian Cricket Club
(a) Calcutta Cricket Club
(b) Oriental Cricket Club
(c) Cricket Club of India
(d) Bombay Gymkhana

Q148. Which of the following sport is not included in Rajiv Gandhi Khel Abhiyan (Khelo India)
(a) Football
(b) Cricket
(c) Kabaddi
(d) Archery

Q149. "En Passant" is related to which game
(a) Billiards
(b) Snooker
(c) Carrom
(d) Chess

Q150. Who was the first recipient of Dronacharya Award in 1985
(a) O.M. Nambiar
(b) Om Prakash Bhardwaj
(c) Bhalchandra Bhaskar Bhagwat
(d) All of the above

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