World Sports GK

Q76. Who is known as the father of modern Olympic Games
(a) Demetrius Vikelas
(b) Avery Brundage
(c) Henri Didon
(d) Pierre de Coubertin

Q77. Who has hold the record in 100 meters race in Olympic
(a) Michael Johnson
(b) Uain Bolt
(c) Noah Ngeny
(d) None of the above

Q78. Who hold the record of winning highest number of gold medal in Olympic
(a) Sergei Bubka
(b) Larisa Latynina
(c) Mark Spitz
(d) Michael Phelps

Q79. The 2014 Winter Olympic was held in the city
(a) Oslo
(b) Moscow
(c) Sochi
(d) Vancouver

Q80. When the first Winter Olympic game was held
(a) 1896
(b) 1904
(c) 1916
(d) 1924

Q81. The 2016 summer Olympic game will be host by the city
(a) Paris
(b) Rio de Janeiro
(c) London
(d) Seoul

Q82. The headquater of International Cricket Council is located in the city
(a) Dubai
(b) Mumbai
(c) Melbourne
(d) London

Q83. What is official distance of marathon race
(a) 20 miles
(b) 26 miles and 385 yards
(c) 23 miles and 123 yards
(d) 29 miles and 199 yards

Q84. Who is the only player to win French Open eight times
(a) Rafael Nadal
(b) Pit Sampras
(c) Roger Federer
(d) Andre Agassi

Q85. What is the length of a cricket pitch
(a) 12 Yards
(b) 16 Yards
(c) 22 Yards
(d) 24 Yards

Q86. Who is the winner of champions league 2013
(a) Dortmund
(b) Real Madrid
(c) Barcelona
(d) Bayern Munich

Q87. 2014 FIFA World Cup will be host by the city
(a) Seoul
(b) Tokyo
(c) Munich
(d) Rio de Janerio

Q88. Which country win the highest number of medals in Commonwealth Games, Delhi 2010
(a) India
(b) Australia
(c) China
(d) Rio de Janerio

Q89. Indian last win the World Hockey Cup in the year
(a) 1975
(b) 1979
(c) 2006
(d) 2010

Q90. Indian Olympic Association was formed in the year
(a) 1905
(b) 1920
(c) 1925
(d) 1927

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