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Q1. Which command can be used to check the name of a computer system in linux
(a) compname
(b) computername
(c) hostname
(d) myname

Q2. Which command cannot be used to edit a text file from command line
(a) touch
(b) cat
(c) vi
(d) vim

Q3. Which command is used to save and exit after editing a text file via vi command
(a) :nw
(b) :qw
(c) :wq
(d) :wn

Q4. The "se nu" command in vi editor will
(a) display sequential line numbers
(b) hide sequential line numbers
(c) add a new blank column
(d) delete the first column

Q5. Which command will display the kernel version of linux operating system
(a) uname -a
(b) uname -r
(c) uname -k
(d) uname -v

Q6. What is the default permission value for a file created in linux
(a) 644
(b) 664
(c) 774
(d) 777

Q7. The core component of Linux Operating System which interacts directly with hardware and provides low level services to upper layer components is known as
(a) Interface
(b) Shell
(c) Kernel
(d) Library

Q8. The first edition of Unix was released on
(a) 1970
(b) 1971
(c) 1973
(d) 1974

Q9. Which one is a virtual filesystem
(a) etc
(b) dev
(c) mnt
(d) proc

Q10. What is the maximum file size supported by Ext4 filesystem
(a) 2 TB
(b) 8 TB
(c) 16 TB
(d) 24 TB

Q11. What is the default permission value for a directory created in linux
(a) 644
(b) 664
(c) 755
(d) 775

Q12. In Linux operating system, each process is represented by a/an
(a) I node
(b) process control block
(c) process number
(d) process state


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