Linux Interview Questions

Q31. Which of the following is not a desktop environment for Linux
(b) KDE
(c) Unity
(d) PowerShell

Q32. Which Linux distribution is designed specifically for ethical hacking
(a) Ubuntu
(b) Kali Linux
(c) Fedora
(d) CentOS

Q33. Which package manager is used by most Debian-based Linux distributions
(a) rpm
(b) pacman
(c) dpkg
(d) zypper

Q34. Which of the following is not a Linux-based web server software
(a) Apache
(b) Nginx
(c) IIS
(d) Lighttpd

Q35. Which Linux utility is used to schedule tasks at specific times or intervals
(a) crontab
(b) cronjob
(c) at
(d) timer

Q36. Which Linux command is used to compress and decompress files
(a) tar
(b) zip
(c) gzip
(d) bzip2

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