Top ten longest rivers in India

India has a wide range of rivers that flow through the country, providing water for irrigation, hydroelectric power, and drinking water. The Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Indus are three major trans-boundary rivers that flow through India and are considered crucial for the country's agriculture and water resources. Indian rivers play a vital role in the country's economy and culture, but also face many challenges that need to be addressed for the sustainable use of these resources.

Here is the list of top ten longest rivers in India

Longest Rivers
Rank River Name Length in km Originates From Ends in
1 Indus 3180 Tibetan Plateau Arabian sea
2 Brahmaputra 2900 Manasarovar Lake Bay of Bengal
3 Ganga 2525 Gangotri Glacier Bay of Bengal
4 Godavari 1465 Brahmagiri Mountain (Nasik) Bay of Bengal
5 Narmada 1312 Amarkantak hill (Madhya Pradesh) Arabian sea
6 Krishna 1400 Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra) Bay of Bengal
7 Yamuna 1376 Yamunotri Ganga, Triveni sangam
8 Mahanadi 890 Dandakaranya (Chhattisgarh) Bay of Bengal
9 Kaveri 805 Western Ghats (Karnataka) Bay of Bengal
10 Tapi 724 Bettul Arabian sea