Madhya Pradesh State Quiz

Collection of questions and solved exam papers from different exams like Madhya Pradesh PSC, Panchayat, Madhya Pradesh SET, Tax, Revenue etc. Helps in preparation of state level exams.

Q1. Which one is the largest city by areawise in Madhya Pradesh
(A) Indore
(B) Bhopal
(C) Jabalpur
(D) Gwalior

Q2. The marble rock is situated near the city of
(A) Khajuraho
(B) Jabalpur
(C) Dewas
(D) Gwalior

Q3. Kumbha mela in Ujjain held on the bank of which river
(A) Narmada
(B) Betwa
(C) Chambal
(D) Kshipra

Q4. Which one is the largest national park in Madhya Pradesh
(A) Madhav National Park
(B) Satpura National Park
(C) Bandhavgarh National Park
(D) Kanha National Park

Q5. Which one is the largest districts by population in Madhya Pradesh
(A) Jabalpure
(B) Bhopal
(C) Indore
(D) Dhar

Q6. Who was the first Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh
(A) Ravishankar Shukla
(B) Kailash Nath Katju
(C) Dwarka Prasad Mishra
(D) Bhagwantrao Mandloi

Q7. The Chachai Falls is created by the river
(A) Narmada river
(B) Bihad river
(C) Son
(D) Mahanadi

Q8. The Sanchi Stupa was build by the Emperor
(A) Chandragupta Maurya
(B) Ashoka
(C) Samudragupta
(D) Chandragupta II

Q9. When Bhopal become the capital of Madhya Pradesh
(A) 1947
(B) 1952
(C) 1956
(D) 1962

Q10. In which year the Bhopal gas tragedy occur
(A) 1973
(B) 1978
(C) 1981
(D) 1984

Q11. Which gas caused the Bhopal gas tragedy incident
(A) Isoamyl acetate
(B) Propionic acid
(C) Methyl trichloride
(D) Methyl isocyanate

Q12. Raja Bhoj was belongs to which dynasty
(A) Rashtrakuta Dynasty
(B) Paramara Dynasty
(C) Satavahana Dynasty
(D) Maurya Dynasty

Q13. Which one is the most populated city in Madhya Pradesh
(A) Bhopal
(B) Rewa
(C) Indore
(D) Jabalpur

Q14. By areawise Madhya Pradesh is the _______ largest state in India
(A) 1st
(B) 2nd
(C) 3rd
(D) 5th

Q15. In which year Kanha is declared as the Tiger Reserve
(A) 1955
(B) 1968
(C) 1973
(D) 1979

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