Maharashtra State MCQ

Collection of questions and solved exam papers from different exams like Maharashtra PSC, Panchayat, Maharashtra SET, Tax, Revenue etc. Helps in preparation of state level exams.

Q91. Who was called as Lokhitwadi
(a) GH Deshmukh
(b) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
(c) Dayananda Saraswati
(d) Vinoba Bhave

Q92. The Maratha navy in the Eighteenth Century was developed by
(a) The Scindhia
(b) The Gaikwad
(c) The Angrias
(d) The Siddis

Q93. The Elephanta caves is a collection of
(a) 5 caves
(b) 7 caves
(c) 11 caves
(d) 12 caves

Q94. In which year, the Victoria Terminal is renamed as Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
(a) 1993
(b) 1995
(c) 1996
(d) 1998

Q95. Who was responsible for the security of the village under the Marathas in South India
(a) Desmukh
(b) Faujtar
(c) Kotwal
(d) Patil

Q96. Which Bhakti saint of Maharashtra contributed to the Maratha movement
(a) Tukaram
(b) Namdev
(c) Gnandeva
(d) Eknath

Q97. When Shivaji assumed the title of "Haindava-Dharmoddharak"
(a) 1672
(b) 1674
(c) 1675
(d) 1676

Q98. When Shivaji assumed the title of "Haindava-Dharmoddharak"
(a) 1672
(b) 1674
(c) 1675
(d) 1676

Q99. The Nasik city is situated by the river
(a) Godawari
(b) Tapti
(c) Narmada
(d) Kaveri

Q100. To which of the following styles of temple architecture does the Kalaram temple at Nashik belong
(a) Dravida
(b) Nagara
(c) Hemadpanthi
(d) Maratha

Q101. The famous Kailasanatha temple at Ellora was built by
(a) Dandidurga
(b) Krishna I
(c) Govinda
(d) Amoghavarsha

Q102. In Maratha fort administration, the Karkhanis was in charge of
(a) Stores
(b) Construction
(c) Accounts
(d) Garrison

Q103. Chand Minar at Daulatabad was built by
(a) Malik Kafur
(b) Khusro Khan
(c) Muhammad bin Tughluq
(d) Alauddin Hasan Bahman Shah

Q104. Who was the director of the first Marathi talkie "Ayodhyecha Raja"
(a) V. Shantaram
(b) K.P. Bhave
(c) Nagendra Majumdar
(d) Bhalji Pendharkar

Q105. Maharashtra State Film Awards were first given in the year
(a) 1961
(b) 1963
(c) 1967
(d) 1972

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