Manipur Question Answer

Q31. In which district of Manipur, the rare Indian species of plant "Shirui lily" is found
(A) Thoubal
(B) Ukhrul
(C) Senapati
(D) Pherzawl

Q32. The Manipur State Museum was established in the year
(A) 1966
(B) 1967
(C) 1969
(D) 1972

Q33. In which year the Keibul Lamjao Sanctuary declared as National Park
(A) 1970
(B) 1972
(C) 1975
(D) 1977

Q34. The Thalon Cave is located in
(A) Tamenglong district
(B) Tengnoupal District
(C) Pherzawl District
(D) Jiribam District

Q35. Which one is a natural limestone cave in Manipur
(A) Khangkhui Cave
(B) Thalon Cave
(C) Sangbu Caves
(D) Mongjam Caves

Q36. National Sports University was established in the year
(A) 2016
(B) 2017
(C) 2018
(D) 2019

Q37. Who is the first Governor of Manipur
(A) B. K. Nehru
(B) L.P. Singh
(C) K. V. Krishna Rao
(D) O.N. Shrivastava

Q38. Manipur became a princely state under British rule in the year
(A) 1889
(B) 1891
(C) 1895
(D) 1899

Q39. Bir Tikendrajit was hanged on
(A) 13th August 1891
(B) 15th August 1891
(C) 18th August 1891
(D) 23rd August 1891

Q40. Who was the last ruler of the Kingdom of Manipur
(A) Raja Nara Singh
(B) Kulachandra Singh
(C) Churachandra Singh
(D) Bodhchandra Singh

Q41. Which one forest is also known as the "lungs of Imphal Valley"
(A) Khurkhul Forest
(B) Langol Reserved Forest
(C) Keibul Lamjao National Park
(D) None of the above

Q42. Which Article in Indian constitution give special provision for Manipur
(A) 371 A
(B) 371 B
(C) 371 C
(D) 371 D

Q43. Total number of members in the Manipur Legislative Assembly is
(A) 56
(B) 60
(C) 64
(D) 68

Q44. Manipur High Court was established in the year
(A) 2010
(B) 2011
(C) 2012
(D) 2013

Q45. Who is the first Chief Justice of Manipur High Court
(A) Abhilasha Kumari
(B) P. V. Sanjay Kumar
(C) Abhay Manohar Sapre
(D) Laxmi Kanta Mohapatra

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