National Emblem like Flower, Animal, Bird....

A national emblem is a symbol or emblem that represents a country and its government. It can take the form of a seal, coat of arms, or other emblem that represents the country's identity, history, culture, and values. National emblems are used on official documents, currency, and government buildings, as well as on the national flag. They are often considered a symbol of national pride and unity. National emblems are used for official purposes and for representing a country in international forums. It is also used on official seals of the head of state and government, and other official documents.

Here is a list of national emblems of different countries

National Emblem
Country National Flower National Animal National Bird
Afghanistan Tulip Marco Polo Sheep Eagle
Argentina Ceibo Puma Rufous Hornero
Australia Golden Wattle Kangaroo Emu
Austria Edelweiss Barn Swallow
Bangladesh White Water Lily Royal Bengal Tiger Oriental Magpie Robin
Barbados Pride of Barbados Brown Pelican
Belgium Red Poppy Lion Common Kestrel
Bermuda Blue-eyed Grass Bermuda Petrel
Bhutan Blue Poppy Takin Common Raven
Bolivia Kantuta and Patujú Llama Condor
Brazil Tabebuia Alba Jaguar Macaw
Bulgaria Rose Lion
Chile Copihue Huemul Condor
China Chinese Dragon Red Crowned Crane
Colombia Cattleya Orchid Andean Condor Andean Condor
Cuba Mariposa Cuban Crocodile Cuban Trogon
Cyprus Cyclamen mouflon sheep
Denmark Red clover Lion Mute Swan
Egypt Lotus Saladin's Eagle
England Rose, Tudor Rose Lion, Bulldog European Robin
Finland Lily of the Valley Brown Bear Whooper Swan
France Iris Gallic Rooster Gallic Rooster
Germany Cornflower White-tailed Eagle
Hungary Tulip Turul Saker Falcon
India Lotus Royal Bengal Tiger Peacock
Indonesia Puspa Bangsa Komodo Dragon Javan Hawk Eagle
Iraq Rose Chukar Partridge
Ireland Shamrock Irish Wolfhound, Red Deer Lapwing
Israel Cyclamen Hoopoe Hoopoe
Japan Cherry Blossom Pheasant, Koi Green Pheasant
Jordan Black Iris Oryx Sinai Rosefinch
Malaysia Hibiscus Malayan Tiger Rhinoceros Hornbill
Mexico Dahlia Golden Eagle
Myanmar Padauk Tiger Burmese Peacock
Netherlands Tulip Lion
New Zealand Kowhai Kiwi
Norway Saxifrage Lion Goldcrest
Pakistan Jasmine Markhor Chukar
Philippines Jasminum Sambac Carabao Philippine Eagle
Poland Corn Poppy White Eagle
Portugal Lavender Galo de Barcelos
Puerto Rico Flor de Maga Coqui Puerto Rican Spindalis
Romania Dog rose Golden Eagle Great White Pelican
Russia Chamomile Bear Golden Bicephalic Eagle
Scotland Thistle Unicorn and Lion Golden Eagle
Singapore Vanda Miss Joaquim Lion Crimson Sunbird
South Africa King Protea Springbok Antelope Blue Crane
South Korea Hibiscus Korean Tiger Korean Magpie
Spain Carnation Bull Spanish Imperial Eagle
Sri Lanka Blue Lily Lion Jungle Fowl
Switzerland Edelweiss
Taiwan Plum Blossom Formosan Black Bear Formosan blue magpie
Thailand Golden Shower Thai Elephant
United States of America Rose American Bison Bald Eagle
Vietnam Lotus Tiger, Water Buffalo and Dragon
Zimbabwe Flame Lily Sable Antelope African Fish Eagle