National Sports

Many countries in the world recognised a particular sport or game as its National game. Some countries even recognised more than one game as its National sports. Here is a list of National Games or sports of different countries.

National Sports
Country National Sports
 Afghanistan Buzkashi
 Anguilla Boat racing
 Antigua and Barbuda Cricket
 Argentina Pato
 Australia Cricket
 Austria Alpine skiing
 Bangladesh Kabaddi
 Barbados Cricket
 Bermuda Cricket
 Bhutan Archery
 Brazil Capoeira
 Canada Lacrosse (summer),Ice hockey (winter)
 Chile Rodeo
 Colombia Tejo
 Cuba Baseball
 England Cricket, Association football, Rugby football, tennis
 Fiji Rugby Union
 Finland Pesäpallo
 Georgia Rugby union
 Guyana Cricket
 Indonesia Pencak Silat
 Iran Varzesh-e Bastani, Wrestling, Polo
 Ireland Gaelic games
 Israel Association football
 Jamaica Cricket
 Japan Sumo
 Latvia Ice hockey
 Lithuania Basketball
 Madagascar Rugby union
 Malaysia Sepak takraw
 Mauritius Association football
 Mexico Charrería
 Mongolia Archery, Mongolian wrestling, Horse racing
 Namibia Football, Netball, Rugby
Nepal Volleyball
 New Zealand Rugby union
 Norway Cross-country skiing (winter)
 Pakistan Field hockey
 Philippines Sipa
 Philippines Arnis
 Russia Bandy
 Scotland Golf
 Serbia Basketball
 Slovenia Alpine skiing
 South Korea Taekwondo
 Spain Football
 Sri Lanka Volleyball
 Taiwan Baseball
 Turkey Oil wrestling & Cirit
 United States Baseball, American football
 Venezuela Baseball
 Wales Rugby union

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