Networking Question Answer

Q46. The inter connectivity of Computers to a common server within a small area is known as
(a) LAN
(b) WAN
(c) MAN
(d) SWAN

Q47. In respect of TCP/IP, which one of the following is NOT correct
(a) The Internet protocol suite is commonly known as TCP/IP
(b) The Link Layer provides process-to-process data exchange for applications
(c) The internet layer provides inter newvorking between independent networks
(d) The transport layer handles host-to-host communication

Q48. Which of the following is not a function of the network layer?
(a) Connectionless communication
(b) Host addressing
(c) Message forwarding
(d) Convert data bits into frames

Q49. In respect of Ethemet, which one of the following is NOT correct
(a) According to Ethernet, network contains both medium access layer (MAC) and physical layer
(b) In MAC layer, for collision control IEEE 802.3 uses CSMA/CD
(c) According to CSMA schemes, that there is predictable or scheduled time for any station to transmit
(d) In IEEE 802.3 connections between nodes and infrastructure devices are made using copper or optical fiber cables.

Q50. In respect of LANs- which one of the following is NOT correct
(a) A LAN is a privately owned network that operates within and nearby a single building
(b) Compared to wireless networks, wired LANs provide faster speed and better security
(c) Different LANs can be connected with a device called Ethernet card
(d) LANs can transmit data at a rate upto 10 Gbps

Q51. Which of the following is false, with regard to TCP/UDP?
(a) TCP is connection oriented, but UDP is a connectionless service
(b) TCP provides a reliable service, but UDP provides an unreliable
(c) TCP and UDP both are connectionless as well as reliable
(d) None of the above

Q52. Segmentation is done in
(a) transport layer
(b) network layer
(c) data-link layer
(d) physical layer

Q53. In ____ ethernet, the MAC sublayer governs the operation of the access method
(a) Fast
(b) Gigabit
(c) Standard
(d) Ten-gigabit

Q54. The IP address encodes ______ and ______
(a) Range number and byte
(b) Network number and host number
(c) Class number and bit
(d) Security number and host number

Q55. Which MS-DOS command can display all of the shares on our computer
(a) net share
(b) net -i share
(c) net show share
(d) net all share

Q56. The device containing software that help in determining the best path out of available path for particular transmission is called
(a) Repeater
(b) Switch
(c) Router
(d) Bridge

Q57. What type of connector is used in coaxial cable
(a) RJII
(b) BNC
(c) PS/2
(d) DIN

Q58. Which layers of OSI reference model are missing in TCP/IP protocol suite
(a) Session, Network
(b) Presentation, Session
(c) Physical, Transport
(d) Data-link, Application

Q59. Which of the following Ethernet encoding has the highest redundancy
(a) 1B2B
(b) 4B5B
(c) 5B6B
(d) 8B10B

Q60. Which network utility program provide the DNS lookups
(a) dig
(b) host
(c) nslookup
(d) All of these

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