One Word Substitution

Q1. People who work together
(a) Worker
(b) Superhuman
(c) Colleagues
(d) Expert

Q2. One who goes on foot
(a) Machination
(b) Pedestrian
(c) Transmigration
(d) Eccentric

Q3. One who can speak two languages
(a) Bilingual
(b) Polylingual
(c) Polygamy
(d) Oligarchy

Q4. Word with the same meaning
(a) Antonyms
(b) Idioms
(c) Noun
(d) Synonyms

Q5. The person who works for free
(a) Member
(b) Volunteer
(c) Organiser
(d) Servant

Q6. One who speaks less
(a) Reticent
(b) Misogynist
(c) Hypocrite
(d) Obsolete

Q7. One who talk in sleep
(a) Celibate
(b) Intestate
(c) Somniloquy
(d) Gullible

Q8. One who knows everything
(a) Egoist
(b) Vandal
(c) Omniscient
(d) Gullible

Q9. Practice of having several husbands
(a) Bigamy
(b) Polyandry
(c) Omnipotent
(d) Inimitable

Q10. Life history written by oneself
(a) History
(b) Biography
(c) Autobiography
(d) Novel

Q11. The person who collects coins
(a) Numismatist
(b) Oologist
(c) Arctophile
(d) Notaphilist

Q12. The person who collects stamps
(a) Notaphilist
(b) Scripophilist
(c) Coleopterist
(d) Philatelist

Q13. A Government by the few
(a) Plagiarist
(b) Oligarchy
(c) Autocracy
(d) Plutocracy

Q14. One who believes in god
(a) Gnostic
(b) Agnostic
(c) Atheist
(d) Theist

Q15. The person who believe in one god
(a) Monoicous
(b) Monotheism
(c) Polytheists
(d) Deists

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