One Word Substitution, Quiz

Q16. Murder of a mother
(a) Patricide
(b) Infanticide
(c) Matricide
(d) Suicide

Q17. Person who writes with both hands
(a) Ambisinistrous
(b) Ambidextrous
(c) Epitaph
(d) Ventriloquist

Q18. Person who walks in sleep
(a) Somnambulist
(b) Mercenary
(c) Misogynist
(d) Idolatry

Q19. One who is unmarried
(a) Insolvent
(b) Celibate
(c) Misogynist
(d) Agnostic

Q20. Killing of another human being
(a) Genocide
(b) Homicide
(c) Nemesis
(d) Anodyne

Q21. One who eats human flesh
(a) Usurer
(b) Mediocre
(c) Nemesis
(d) Cannibal

Q22. Person who believes others
(a) Credulous
(b) Innocent
(c) Coleopterist
(d) Malcontent

Q23. One who is more interested in himself/herself
(a) Arrogant
(b) Extrovert
(c) Introvert
(d) Timid

Q24. One who hates women
(a) Harangue
(b) Lapidist
(c) Misogyny
(d) Panacea

Q25. Which cannot be conquered
(a) Invulnerable
(b) Invincible
(c) Inscrutable
(d) Impregnable

Q26. One who cannot pay his debts
(a) Debtor
(b) Glazier
(c) Inscrutable
(d) Insolvent

Q27. One who always run away from danger
(a) Coward
(b) Timid
(c) Opportunist
(d) Pessimist

Q28. Large scale departure of people
(a) Migration
(b) Emigration
(c) Immigration
(d) Exodus

Q29. Award given after death
(a) Postmundane
(b) Prestige
(c) Posthumous
(d) Exodus

Q30. Life history of a person written by another
(a) Biography
(b) Autobiography
(c) History
(d) Memory

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