One Word Substitution Question

Q46. Study of races
(a) Etymology
(b) Anthropology
(c) Physiology
(d) Ethnology

Q47. Killing of one's brother
(a) Filicide
(b) Herbicide
(c) Fratricide
(d) Homicide

Q48. Childless elderly unmarried woman
(a) Spinster
(b) Widow
(c) Bachelor
(d) Usher

Q49. A skilled worker in charge of other workmen
(a) Leader
(b) Worker
(c) Foreman
(d) Employee

Q50. A noisy rough person who causes trouble
(a) Crowd
(b) Brigade
(c) Conspirator
(d) Hooligans

Q51. About to happen
(a) Immortal
(b) Imminent
(c) Impassable
(d) Indelible

Q52. Celebration of hundredth year
(a) Golden
(b) Diamond
(c) Centenary
(d) Platinum

Q53. People living at the same time
(a) Contemporaries
(b) Preceding
(c) Succeeding
(d) Feminist

Q54. Science concerned with the study of life
(a) Sociology
(b) Botany
(c) Physics
(d) Biology

Q55. One who helps others Good
(a) Novice
(b) Polyglot
(c) Hypocrite
(d) Samaritan

Q56. One who is present everywhere
(a) Omnipresent
(b) Ambiguous
(c) Credulous
(d) Effeminate

Q57. One who loves mankind
(a) Misanthrope
(b) Gullible
(c) Philanthropist
(d) Epicure

Q58. One who is greedy for money
(a) Regicide
(b) Inimitable
(c) Avaricious
(d) Epicure

Q59. One who is difficult to please
(a) Celibate
(b) Fastidious
(c) Egoist
(d) Hostility

Q60. One who acts on behalf of organization
(a) Celibacy
(b) Celebrity
(c) Delegate
(d) Mediator

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