Single Word Substitution Question Answer

Q61. One who eats too much
(a) Obsolete
(b) Glutton
(c) Sacrilege
(d) Illegible

Q62. Thing no longer in use
(a) Inimitable
(b) Cynic
(c) Obsolete
(d) Plutocracy

Q63. That which cannot be noticed
(a) Impracticable
(b) Imperceptible
(c) Patricide
(d) Improbable

Q64. That which cannot be satisfied
(a) Desire
(b) Immortal
(c) Cynic
(d) Posthumas

Q65. A study of birds
(a) Ornithology
(b) Ethnology
(c) Etymology
(d) Archaeology

Q66. That is prohibited by law
(a) Invincible
(b) Ethical
(c) Illicit
(d) Inimitable

Q67. Handwritten document
(a) Shellscript
(b) Manuscript
(c) Handscript
(d) Digitalscript

Q68. One who is new to a profession
(a) Novice
(b) Colleagues
(c) Worker
(d) Recluse

Q69. Lesson to be learned from a story
(a) Subject
(b) Heading
(c) Information
(d) Moral

Q70. Put up with something or somebody unpleasant
(a) Allow
(b) Resist
(c) Defy
(d) Endure

Q71. Thing which is not fresh
(a) Stale
(b) Niche
(c) Defy
(d) Moist

Q72. Which cannot be removed
(a) Indelible
(b) Illegible
(c) Misanthropist
(d) Edible

Q73. One who goes on a journey to a holy place
(a) Tourist
(b) Follower
(c) Devotee
(d) Pilgrim

Q74. An assembly of listeners
(a) Atheist
(b) Crowd
(c) Audience
(d) Public

Q75. Which may cause death
(a) Killer
(b) Fatal
(c) Fortunate
(d) Incorrigible

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